Anime Studio Pro 11



  • The revolutionary bone rigging system makes animating fast and an efficient alternative to tedious frame-by-frame animation. You can easily add a skeleton to any image by simple point and click, and then bring it to life.
  • With powerful vector based drawing tools, including a variety of brush styles and the ability to import scanned drawings and images, you can create your own characters and objects in Anime Studio Debut 9.
  • The built-in Character Wizard lets you quickly design your own characters complete with walk cycles. Creating your own animations has never been faster or easier.
  • The Beginner’s Mode guides you through using the key tools in Anime Studio so you can start creating animated videos and shorts right away.
  • Choose from a library of content including ready-to-use characters, props, scenes, stock audio and video clips, scatter brushes and more


Anime Studio Pro 11

  • Complete animation software designed for digital artists–perfect for first time animators, hobbyists and digital enthusiasts.
  • Create art using intuitive vector-based draw, paint and fill tools.
  • Revolutionary Bone Rigging system takes the work out of tedious traditional animation.
  • Intuitive animation timeline simplifies complex animation tasks.
  • Record audio, add sound effects and use automatic lip syncing to get fast results.


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